Foshan Hansung technology co., ltd.
 Professional construction template network has won many honors with exquisite craftsmanship and advanced technology,Professional construction template network is even more of life as life,Wondering the user as god。Users are everything of us。We will always follow the responsibility of each process、Responsible for each product、Quality policy for each user,Serve users wholeheartedly。Everything we do will think about it for you。We are convinced:Dedication to you a sincere heart will also get a sincere return!
Red star purpose
Corporate purpose

Integrity Quality


Casting steel brand Satisfy users

Service purposes
Service purposes

Responsible for each process Responsible for each product 

Spirit of service
Spirit of service

Fire Juki Stretch

Service philosophy

Professional construction template network employees have established a good service concept:Repair in time when user equipment fails;Provide users with project design before sale、Process process design;User's equipment purchase plan formulation;High -quality products provide;Patient and thoughtful user training;Timely and effective fault maintenance and user experiments to solve difficult processing problems, etc.。


Pre-sale service
According to customer needs,We provide you with project design、Process process design,Formulate a suitable machine and equipment purchase plan for you。
Sales service
Accompany you to complete the acceptance of the equipment,Assist in formulating construction plans and detailed processes。
After -sales service
The company sent technical personnel to the site to guide the equipment installation、Debugging and training operator。

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