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Corporate culture is the driving force for enterprise development. Talent, Technology, and Management determine everything. Since its establishment, Hansung Company has attached great importance to the construction of corporate culture, and has now formed its unique corporate culture, which has greatly promoted the rapid development of Hansung Company.

Hansung purpose

Integrity Quality

Hansung service tenet:Honesty first, quality foremost
Hansung spirit

Integrity Fine High efficiency Pragmatic

Hansung spirit:Honest, delicate, high efficient and concrete
Business philosophy

Thinking determines the way out, integrity creates wealth

Management principie:The development way depends on the concept and the wealth comes out of good faith

Casting steel brand Satisfy users

Management belief:Establish of Hansung brand for satifaction of users
Navigation Star Values

Harmony and mutual benefit

Hansung values:Reciprocal
Hansung Talent View

Respecting talents and appointing people on merit

Hansung human resource viewpoint:Respect of person with ability and appoint people by abilities
Service philosophy

Make your major a classic

Service principie:To make specialty classic
Spirit of service

Fire Juki Stretch

Service spirit:Enthusiasm,servant and faithulness

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